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Online Quiz Maker > Localization & Charging For Results & My Own Tld

Localization & Charging For Results & My Own Tld
Heelo there,

I am seriously interested in purchasing Quiz software so I need to how can I localize / translate Admin&User interfaces?

I would like to know if I can somehow charge users (for some quizzes) to get results? Here I intend to use SMS payment gateway?

Can I use my own domain name (I assume pointing to to your hosting) so I can have my own miniQuiz portal?

Online Quiz Maker does not have any localization features - you may be able to put your questions into the system in a different language (the system supports UTF-8 characters) so they are delivered to users in that language, but the admin and user interface are always going to be in English.

For charging users there is no built in mechanism to automate user creation/enrollment into quizzes in Online Quiz Maker. For that type of feature you would need to look at the Weblearning LMS product which has a full API that you can use with E-Commerce.

You could redirect an existing domain name that you own to point to your account URL on our system, but as far as the system and are hosting is concerned the URL for your system is always going to be

Our Weblearning LMS allows you to host the system with us and use your own domain name (on certain plans) so you may want to check that out if the redirect option wouldn't work for you.
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